Synergy created by two focused and motivated people on one goal is powerful. You and I collaborate to create the change you seek in your life today. Call for a free phone consult - get things moving.  
  • Weekly sessions or Monthly retainer of services available
  • Encrypted emails for impromptu journaling with me
  • Encrypted video sessions (using Vsee on your computer or phone)
  • Confidential sessions
  • Flexible schedule

We all have goals. We can see the place we want to get to in our imagination but cannot quite get there. Or sometimes we cannot even visualize that place but we know that where we are now is no longer an option.

My private practice offers Life Coaching to anyone throughout the U.S. and internationally (in English) via video/phone. Once we do a free phone consult, we can assess together if life coaching or psychotherapy is the best next level.

Please note that while I can offer psychotherapy for New Jersey residents as a licensed clinician, I will refer out to another mental health professional for my coaching clients that need additional mental health support. I collaborate with and refer to other therapists for specific care such as trauma, OCD, medication management, attachment disorders, couples therapy, family therapy, Reiki, energy work, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), Hakomi, eating disorders, etc.

I use the 1-10 Subjective Units of Distress scale (SUD) to ask you how much emotional pain you are in (with 10 being excruciating).
I believe that in the range of 9-10 you are hurting so much that you are in survival mode and no higher life goal can be met at that time. Neuroscience tells us that the prefrontal cortex in the brain shuts down in crisis and in order for us to do our work together, it happens best when you feel like you are not in acute distress. At a 9-10 range of suffering, it is all about symptom reduction - in other words, focus on feeling better.
I also use the SUD scale to determine if you are at a 1-2 range. That tells me you have mastered a skill and are ready for the next challenge - in other words, you're bored!

The ideal place I like to keep you in our work together is the 5-6 range. That tells me you are uncomfortable but not suffering. That's the sweet spot where change can occur.

What makes me qualified to be your life coach? I am about short-term, goal-reaching, tell-it-like-I see-it focus throughout my career. Whether as an Executive Director of a social service program or a Director of Operations for a successful company tripling profits in one year, the work always speaks to me. Even as a Social Worker with foster care youth, my efforts to aid were around concrete life skills. I walk the walk. While I study a lot and attend events to learn more, more than anything I practice what I teach and I can guide you to listen to that inner voice, calm the body, and aim high! My full bio is on the page "About Me".

I am not the coach you will meet with for 15 years. I do not focus on your past. I focus on the here-and-now. I believe that your past plays out in the here-and-now so we need look no further! Our powerful collaboration will focus on specific goals, the practical and emotional barriers to reaching them, and developing an individualized plan just for you.

I can have two clients that are both considering to take a particular step and I would encourage it with one and possibly not with the other depending on the goals, personality, coping skills, etc of each client. I believe success is subjective. And only you can determine what it means to you.

I will tune into you. I will volley back to you what you give to me. I will challenge your thoughts, your actions and your motivations until together we chisel the life that you really desire and not what your fear is telling is possible.  If you are interesting in life coaching, let's get to work!