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Below are testimonials collected since 2014. Fun quotes will be added to this page as appropriate.  If you want to provide any feedback not asked in the above survey, please email RothbartGroup@gmail.com.  

Thank you!


"Thank you for helping me on my journey. It was great working with you. I learned so much and I am finally able to apply what I learned to my daily routine. I could not have taken this journey without you and I will be back should I need assistance again." (2014)
"Thank you Anat!  Such a great experience working with you.  I will definitely keep you in mind with any tough endeavors." (2014)
"Recommended books, personable sessions, great follow-up, professional demeanor" (2014)
"You have great information and insight." (2014)
"Your kindness will never be forgotten. I pray, your door will always be open.  May you continue to have such a warm spirit - thank you." (2014)


"Sessions with you are like having a personal trainer for my life." (2014)
"My journey with Anat was positive. She helped me get to where I needed to be with guidance and understanding. Every session helped me get better. Every session was positive and I learned how to cope with life in a more positive way." (2015)
"I always felt like I got something useful out of every interaction." (2015)
"I want to thank you for helping me to get through such a difficult period of time.  Thank you for not only listening, but understanding and wisely advising me to see things from an alternative vantage point." (2015)
"You have helped me to rise above the challenge I was facing.  You have pushed me to look for those positive experiences and enjoy them as opposed to living through them."  (2015)
"In talking with support group attendees, it is clear that you had a great positive impact. They were really pleased with how you presented, with compassion and kindness, and gained a lot from you. Thank you!" (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, 2015)
"The instructor was wonderful. Very intelligent, full of knowledge, receptive to her audience and dynamic." (Rutgers, 2015)
"I always admired your leadership, work ethic, and clinical skills." (2015)
"You helped me dig deeper into issues that have been troubling me for sometime and I am grateful for you and your efforts." (2015)
"I enjoyed working with you and really got a lot out of our sessions together, as emotionally difficult as they sometimes were." (2015)
"You helped me through a very challenging part of my life, and also provided me with tools, techniques, and mental perspective that continues to help me better handle the new challenges and stresses." (2015)
"I like that Anat was so available and adaptable when it came to technology, location & hours (e.g: trying to do a session while walking outside). I also liked how positive she was about me and how she helped me to feel better about myself, and that the issues I was facing could be overcome and resolved." (2015)
"I felt like I learned a lot about myself, and that Anat was also framing concepts and providing me with tools and tips that fit my personality and lifestyle approach, which I really appreciated. She was great to work with!" (2015)
"Ms. Samid was a fountain of knowledge. Very good application that can be used practically in therapeutic setting." (Beth Israel Hospital, 2016)
"Very informative and engaging instructor experience." (Beth Israel Hospital, 2016)
"Don't ever forget what a good job you do in helping people find themselves. You are excellent at what you do." (2016)
"I've long been an admirer of your energy and commitment  to serving a lot of people in very different situations." (2016)
"I just wanted to convey my deep gratitude for you being there for me and helping me in my time of need. You were a real life saver." (2016) 
"You are a great educator. Teach! Teach! Teach! I'm probably your biggest fan." (2016)
"[Anat] was very down to earth and empathetic to my concerns, while also challenging me to try to begin thinking differently." (2016)
"This workshop was very interactive which made it more interesting and I got more out of it, versus a course that is a straight lecture." (Rutgers, 2017)
"I appreciate Anat's style and focusing on practice/practical application rather than the theory - great to be in an interactive setting!" (Rutgers, 2017)
"Excellent topic and presenter. Loved the concrete techniques and group discussion." (Rutgers, 2017)
"[Anat has] great use of self. Seems open to participants and has curiosity and enthusiasm." (Rutgers, 2017)
"One of the best workshops I have attended! Thank you! Really enjoyed combination of examples: verbal, visual interactive education." (Rutgers, 2017)
"The best thing about working with Anat: 'Her ability to truly understand her clients.' The worst thing about working with Anat: 'Saying goodbye'" (2017)
"[Anat] tailors sessions to your needs, but they work as standalone sessions as well." (2017)
"The evaluations were really very positive; better than average, with several very positive comments." (Princeton House Behavioral Health Grand Rounds, 2018)
"Thanks for the talk.  This is one of those conferences that will come to mind as I’m working with patients in the area of positive psychology and logotherapy." (Princeton House Behavioral Health Grand Rounds, 2018)