You'll Be Surprised What Comes Up If You Fill In The Blanks On This Sentence

Many of us have heard the phrase "If money was no issue, then I'd do ______". It's a great chance to see what comes up if you don't feel that limit.

But interestingly, if you add another "blank" then more fascinating information about you for you might come up. Ask it like this: "If _________ was no issue, then I'd do __________."

I know, I know...who needs more blank spaces?! But this game of self awareness is all about pushing toward the uncomfortable (not the painful...then you've gone too far but that's another blog).

Some things that can come up are:

  • Time

  • Health

  • Energy

  • Support System

  • Unconditional Love

  • Self Confidence

  • Self Compassion

  • Focus

  • Discipline

  • Inner peace

  • [add yours]

While any one of these can tell you what has been weighing on your psychology the most, it also tells you were to begin changing your narrative. Not all things are as they seem and we can do amazing things when we even plant the seed that maybe things can be different ...or better yet that things ARE different.

In a moment you can get perspective. In a moment you can let go of a strong belief that guided you (and kept you safe) all these years. In fact, all the sentences that start with "I don't have enough ______" can appear almost comical. And humor is powerful in healing. 

Wipe your tears. Bring down your shoulders from the hit you are expecting. Unclench your fists. Come out of hiding.

Your new story is, "I have so much [time, health, energy, support, love, money, confidence, compassion, focus, discipline, peace] that I can breathe and I can take a step in that abundance. I can take advantage of all this because it is mine. It is available to me. I seek it out. I swim in it. I accept it. I start today with new eyes."

Start today with new eyes, heart AND mind. Breath it in. Act on all you have. There is more than you ever imagined when you let go of the old stories and see reality. Thank you, stories, for keeping me safe. Thank you, stories, for giving some explanation for all chaos I've felt. Goodbye, stories, because now you are holding me back and keeping me tied to those days.

Welcome to your reality.