Self Discovery and Personal Goal Achievement

We all have goals. For some of us it’s just getting through the day. For some it’s realizing our purest joy. When we cannot get from here to there, even though we understand the steps it takes to get there, it’s time to look at the underlying issues that are serving as roadblocks.

In your life, you are the tool that gets the job done. There is nothing else. The more fine tuned that tool is, the more you are prepared to handle whatever goes wrong and savor whatever goes well.  If you are functioning under inaccurate beliefs (such as everyone will eventually hurt me, whatever I build someone else will eventually destroy, I am not a good person, I will alway ruin everything) then you act based on those beliefs from a scared, cautious place. 

To reach the goals you establish, you first need to visualize them and then connect with your true self to get there. Finding your true self is reconnecting to your essence from birth. It’s hearing that inner voice, giving it space, respecting it and responding to it with permission and healthy boundaries.  You need to learn who you are aside from the external definitions of you.... such as your appearance, your job, your family, etc. You need to learn what makes you scared, excited, peaceful. What are your core beliefs and how are they productive toward your visions of success? What's your true inner voice versus the internalized messages of your family, friends, media, etc?

Start with trying new things and learning in those experiences what are your boundaries. Learning what external factors make you feel like “I get to” do it versus “I have to/I should/I don’t wanna” will help guide your creation of a life game plan. 

Unblock your own path. And in so doing save time and energy in reaching those goals..... or prevent self sabotaging before or after you get there. Activate your behavior in order to learn about yourself. Then fine tune your choices to create a life in which you are engaging and embracing every experience!

"It take courage to grow up and turn out to be who you really are." - E. E. Cummings

Bonus secret - no one does this process alone. Find like-minded people on this journey. Get support; get mentorship; get brave, kind-hearted people to challenge your thinking. You will benefit each other and the ripple effects will give the rest of us courage for our journeys.