Learning: Try To Make New Mistakes!

In this stage of my life and career I feel like I'm learning MOST of the time.  Whether it's reading between client sessions about a new app that can help regulate emotions or learning how to use social media to promote my practice or studying books on therapy, philosophy, business, marketing, parenting (nothing better for learning how to guide people through their inner-child work)'s a non-stop attempt to get a handle on an ever-changing world.

Don't stay still.  I always love to ask "WHAT DID YOU LEARN TODAY?"  You could be learning something new everyday.  It keeps you ALIVE...while you're alive.

When I worked with foster care children I used many mantras with them. One of my favorites was "Make new mistakes!"  Sounds strange at first, right?  

Making mistakes in inevitable.  And wonderful.  A mentor once told me that messing up is a percentage.  The more you do with your life, the more it will appear you are messing up. So keep doing new things, learning new things, and messing up.

Just make new mistakes.  Learn.