Meditation Is Not Easy For Me

I love meditation.  If only I could do it easily.

I advocate for anyone who will listen to do it.  Try it.  Learn how and use it on a regular basis or when you can, create a random moment.

I like it from the concept to the practice.  Meditation in essence is focus, being in the here-and-now, non-judgmental, forgiving, gentle, and above the minutia of routine life.  To have discipline and a sense of priorities all while finding peace and centeredness sounds amazing, right?

I know many people who do this and my clients who have tried are making leaps and bounds in their treatment with me.  I have the hardest time meditating.  So in conclusion, I'm going to keep trying! 10 minutes a day has been my motto.  

I stop what I'm doing and breath for 10 minutes. Counting my breaths 1 to 10 and then I start again.  I set a time for the 10 minutes.  I haven't been able to stay focused for more than a few seconds but I keep going back to the focus.  10 minutes every day.  Now you try.