If you are scared of something, learn more about it

If you are scared of something, learn more about it

I love things that are counter-intuitive. Going toward something that scares you is definitely one of those things.

Here’s one of my favorite mottos: "If you are scared of something, learn more about it" - because it takes things one step slower. You don't even have to go towards it, you can just learn more about it.

Start With The End In Mind

Start With The End In Mind

I often get asked how to handle a variety of different situations and how to have some tough conversations. I'll need to ask you several questions first but one of my biggest will be "What is your end goal? What do you hope will be the outcome of this interaction? What's the best case scenario?"

Once you have a clear vision of where you are going, the strategies or details start to fall into place. 

There Is No Magic Behind Psychotherapy

At least not the way I do it....

It's scary to think or much less believe that you are in charge in your session. Not the person you think of as the expert. Get this: Every single thing that happens comes from you. Your counselor gets credit for nothing.

If they are good...they have spent years understanding themselves and understanding the human condition. They will have done this through books and conferences and clinical supervision but mostly through real life exposure to the experiences you are having.

And then, they simply don't get in your way. They give you space to be. They give you space to express. They give you the "I hear you. I see you" we all need to connect to our genuine self that is not afraid to explore our greatest fears. They introduce curiosity to you about you.

It is in that space of human connection, without judgement or consequence for trying out different ways to figure out "who am I?", that the non-magic occurs. It brings me chills every time I get to be in a room, or a nature walk, or a video conference with a person determined to keep trying. To change the trajectory of their existence.

Your courage and effort brings the change. There is no magic. Keep it up!